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Durable, waterproof and sweatproof.


Natural appearance, easy to apply and remove.


Multi-purpose, self-adhesive non-stick magic eyeliner, suitable for false eyelashes.


1. 200 meters smooth and uninterrupted, 62 water supply lock troughs + ball anti-condensation design precision shunt, intelligent lock water trough technology, smooth water flow, multiple ball anti-condensation design, uniform ink guide, smooth and uninterrupted


2. Color lock and anti-smudge. Skin-friendly factor + hydrophobic and oleophobic gene molecules fit the skin, block water and oil, waterproof and oil-proof, anti-blooming


3. Easy to hold and not shake hands. Humanized octagonal design to prevent novices from slipping and writing accurately


4. Color developing and fixing formula. Carbon black color development formula + curing film ingredients, dry with painting, cool black color development


5. The skin-friendly formula can be removed with warm water, no talcum powder, no fragrance, and safe to use


How to use:


Starting as close to the eyelashes as possible, draw a line starting from the inner corner of the eyelid and extending towards the outer corner.Please fix the eyeliner cap after each use.




Product Name: Sky Self-adhesive Eyeliner

Colour: Black

Product features: quick-drying, non-smudge, can stick false eyelashes

Size: 139x17mm

Net content: 1.2g


Package Content:

1 * Eyeliner

Magic Lashes Self-adhesive Liquid Eyeliner Pen Glue-free



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