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Geneliz Luminous Shoulder Bag

Our Geneliz Luminous Shoulder Bags is designed as a One Bag = Two Designs! You can change it super fast between a bag and a pouch. Simply connect both ends with the carabiner to change its design. The pattern and the colour change effect makes it one of the most exceptional unique bags in our collection.


Available in 2 sizes (see measurement)

Size cm: Large 35*13*29cm

                 Medium 30*13*26cm 



Slight color change effect in daylight
Strong color luminous effect in direct light

Including a long shoulder strap
Material: PU / Polyester


Geneliz Luminous Shoulder Bag

$79.99 Regular Price
$32.00Sale Price
  • We use a very special coated imitation leather for our bags that changes color due to different light reflections.

    Depending on the color and intensity of the light, different color effects are created. These range from black to slight purple/green till to intense bright colors. 

    NOTE! The Angle is everything! If you don’t see that your bag change the color under a daylight or sunlight try looking at it from a different angle or step back a few feet.

    Step 1
    When there is no natural daylight, sunlight or light from lamps reflecting off the surface, the bag is black and shows very slight to no color variations.

    Step 2
    In natural daylight the first noble color changes are visible. Depending on the light intensity, these are stronger or weaker. In the sunlight the colors seem more saturated and intense.

    Step 3
    Now it gets magical!
    When direct light is reflected, the bag lights up in intense, bright colors. This effect is caused by the use of a smartphone flash or other artificial light sources. Depending on the intensity and color spectrum of the light, the bag shines in different colors.





    1. Slightly dirty: Wipe gently with a dry, soft cloth.
    2. Very dirty: Step 1: Wipe gently with a damp, soft cloth. Step 2: Wipe dry
    3. We recommend a soft microfiber cloth.
    4. Do not use any kind of detergents. These can damage the reflective coating.


    1. Avoid scratching the surface with hard objects. This can cause permanent damage
    2. Our used material is heat sensitive. Avoid prolonged exposure to intense heat.
    3. Due to sensitive surfaces we recommend a careful handling.